This is your Electric Runway and we invite you to bring the creativity! Thousands of runners (and walkers) will unite to bring this event to life! We encourage participants to come dressed to impress. So bring on the illuminating lights, neon gear, and crazy bright colours. Don’t hold back - go beyond basic.
Ignite the night and lose yourself in our awesome courselands. With your city as our backdrop, we‘ll electrify the night and create a vibrant atmosphere full of light, sound, and energy. Depending on your city, you will witness six of the following themed courselands:
  • Electro Rainforest
  • Neffmau5 Land
  • Rainbow Road
  • Under the Sea
  • The Powerhouse
  • Color Brick Road
  • The Finish!
Immerse yourself in an amazing experience of light and sound! Grab your friends and sign up, this will be a night to remember with your besties!
Incredible event. Epic light show. Sweet gear. Need we say more...? Participants' Pack includes:
  • 2015 limited edition tee
  • LED bracelet
  • UV glow body pen
If you thought the course was a party, just wait until you get to the epic Finish Line Celebration! Filled with photos ops, neon lights, lasers, and so much more! Dance the night away with the ultimate experience of lights, sound, and music. Are you ready for that beat drop?!